Mesh networks

This week we looked at using Scratch’s “Mesh” network system to get our computers talking to each other. We’ve put some notes up on the Resources page about it, in particular to pay attention to messages from the Windows firewall when you’re getting started.

If you’re like most people, you probably only have one computer you can use at a time at home. If you want to work on something with Mesh a simple trick is to open Scratch twice. One can be the Host, and the other can Join it; it’ll work the same as if you had each copy running on different computers.

Next week we’ll do a little more with Mesh. At this stage, though, we’ve shown you pretty much every part of Scratch. It’s time to start thinking of what you want to build. Imagine a game or anything you like and think about what it needs to do. Talking to friends about it (even if they’ve never been to CoderDojo) is a great way to work things out in your head. If you’re completely stuck, you can at least start drawing any sprites you’ll need, and when we’re back next week we’ll figure out what to do.

See you then!