Three weeks already!

It was great to see another good turnout; we hope you’re all enjoying it! This week we had a room to get all the new kids started with Scratch, and one for those who were here before. This week we worked on a simple two-player football game to see how sprites (the players and the ball) could interact with each other and with the goals drawn on the background, as well as keep track of scores.

You can download the version we made and see how it works. I’ve added a little bit of code to the football so it moves a bit more nicely (can you figure out how it works?). Maybe you can add some more “costumes” to the ball so it looks like its rolling, or perhaps keep track of the score so the game ends when somebody scores 5 goals? See what you can come up with, and we hope to see as many of you as possible next week!

Download, or see it on the website.

Scratch Football Screenshot